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iGEM Panama

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Patrick Nee

My education was in mechanical engineering (course 2) at MIT. I then lived in Tokyo for three years, getting a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. I spent my career in software development in quantitative finance and consumer web sites.

I have lived in Panama for a year. I read about the iGEM contest in February. When I learned that in addition to world famous universities some small schools participate, I thought "I am going to try to organize a team from Panama!"

Carmenza Spadafora

Oris Sanjur

Sara Pinzon

I did my PhD at Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum, London in Molecular systematics and evolution of insects. I came back to Panama at the beginning of 2010 to apply all the techniques and methodologies I learned in the UK.

I was very pleased when Oris Sanjur and members of SENACYT (Panamanian Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation) invited me to be one of the instructors of the first Panamanian team to participate in iGEM. I trust this is a great opportunity for young panamanian students to develop and improve their skills and learn from colleagues from all around the world.