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iGEM Panama

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Members & Students

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In this picture: Carolina, Yisett, Claudio, Nicole, Lorena, Grimaldo, Natasha, Laura, Ernesto, Dra. Carmenza, Dr. Rao, Ezequiel

Instructors and Advisors

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Where are we from

We are from the Republic of Panama, Panama's natural history is of great importance to the American continent. 3.5 million years ago Panama emerged linking the seabed of North and South America. The migration of species allows the exchange of species from north to south, further increasing the number of plants, animals and other life forms in both continents. Because of evolutionary and geological processes, Panama has one of the richest biodiversities in the world. It is a huge laboratory ready to be responsibly used. Panama in native language means "abundance of flowers, butterflies and fish."

Panama.jpg Panama Canal area