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You can write a background of your team here. Give us a background of your team, the members, etc. Or tell us more about something of your choosing.

Tell us more about your project. Give us background. Use this is the abstract of your project. Be descriptive but concise (1-2 paragraphs)


Who we are


  • Professor Michael Jewett: Mentor for all
  • Professor Joshua Leonard: Our favorite
  • Professor John Mordacq: Our leader


  • Avi Samelson: Sleepyhead
  • Ben Zhang: Math nerd
  • Jeremy Schifberg: Michael, Is going to save the world
  • Kevin Rogacki: Loves iGEM
  • Matt Tong: A normal student... or(r) am I?
  • Ragan Pitner: Table football fan
  • Sean Yu:
  • Timi Chu:

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)

Where we're from


Peggy Saks

4113 Pancoe - Office

(847) 491-5624

Times: 10:30am-end