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Brainstorming for iGEM 1) Proteosome into e. coli design system to keep at steady state to keep e. coli alive 2) Active pH buffer for e. coli (target pH) 3) pH meter 4) Nail polish (grow back or fade away) 5) Self Healing material: growth factor 6) Tight junctions into bacteria 7) Apoptosis in presence of a particular disease 8) Synthetic Apoptotic signal 9) Music Playing Bacteria: loudspeaker 10) Gap junction music playing 11) Adjusting Young’s Modulus 12) Contracting group of cells 13) Breaking down plastics (look at past presentation) 14) Thermometer 15) Rotifers: replicating mechanism 16) Swine Flu testing on site 17) Engineering signal glycoproteins into bacteria (integration of virus disrupts reporter gene) 18) Electrogenesis: produce voltage from bacteria 19) Resistors 20) Capacitors (Storing charge) 21) Splitting Hydrogen from water 22) Magnetic Bacteria 23) On site radiation testing (make it click like a Geiger counter) 24) Drug delivery method through WBC 25) Apoptosis with drug delivery when disease is recognized 26) Vitamin and mineral delivery 27) Faster biodegradation (Signal activated ) 28) Consume gases in the air (ozone) 29) Consume (CFCs) 30) Supplementary vitamin and minerals to be grown on produce 31) Removable pesticide bacterial film 32) Release in presence of wound signal (pH) Factor VIII 33) Symbiosis with human body 34) Selective phagocytosis (absorb toxin) 35) Selective phagocytosis (lead) 36) Phagocytosis for drug overdoses 37) Target bad cells selectively based on offset in circadian rythmn 38) Bacterial film that responds to laser so you can sketch on it. (express GFP light induced promotor) 39) Cure celiac’s with bacteria 40) Ethrypoeitin production in e. coli 41) Thrombolytics in presence in LDL 42) Thrombolytics in precense of clots (macrophages) 43) Bacterial pacemakers 44) Photo-driven battery 45) Bacterial Gears 46) Clock using bacterial gears 47) Non Newtonian fluid bacteria (using force) 48) Cilia creating fluid flow, generating fluid current 49) Bacteria piston using sinking and floating mechanism 50) Create ferrofluuid to create magnetism 51) Bacteria to regulate the temperature of a surface (endothermic and exothermic reaction) 52) Long lasting bacterial sunblock 53) Bacterial Clothing 54) Thermal heating for toes 55) Phagocytosis for water in shoes 56) Bacterial barometer 57) Oncoprotein expressed on the outside missing ligand binding portion 58) Cytoskeleton in bacteria 59) Engineering current flow intracellularly 60) Bacterial gyroscope 61) Bacterial paper to print on 62) Bacteria that takes up excess ions in the body 63) Bacterias that produce primers 64) ELISA for DNA 65) ELISA for mRNA 66) Trace explosive bacteria 67) Drug sensing bacteria 68) Exploding bacteria 69) Bacterial spermicide for condoms 70) Cheese resveratrol 71) Bacterial superglue (some mechanism to control secretion)