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Roll calls

  • Apologies: Phil and Deena
  • Absence: Colin Harwood and Colin Davie


Metabolic Flux Balance Analysis - Show the judges what happen when we alter the enzyme levels to produce different outcomes.

Lab feedback

  • Gibson cloning - Joining of 2 fragments together works, but could not be ligated into the vector. Need more time to perfect the technique.
  • Subtilin immunity - Same as rocF
  • yneA - Transforming into Bacillus subtilis 168 strains works and we have filamentous cells. However still not able to integrate yneA into Pmutin strains. Could use a plasmid that have already contain the IPTG system. For characterization, we could either do a titration with IPTG together with time lapse microscopy to measure the length of the cells.
  • Arabinose promoter - Insert the promoter in front of GFP and characterize with the addition of arabinose.
  • Levan glue - Able to stick sand together. Mix the glue with sand and filamentous cells and look under the microscope. Also to mix the glue with sand to produce the iGEM logo.


  • Use different bacteria to seal up the cracks.
  • Preincubate the concrete in media.


Lab book is up to date.


ESTA must be completed (if required) ASAP.


Upload the t-shirt files into the dropbox.

Action points

  • Neil and Jen - To register the team.
  • Alan - To email Jen about the IPTG plasmid and the letters for the sucrose plates.
  • Harsh - To crack the concrete into smaller pieces.
  • Wendy - To talk to the EM people.

Next meeting

  • Chair: , Minutes: Younus, Computer: N/A
  • Wednesday afternoon, 3pm, CBCB.
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