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Roll calls

  • Apologies: Phil and Deena
  • Absence: Colin Harwood and Colin Davie


Metabolic Flux Balance Analysis - alter enzyme levels to produce different outcomes and makes complex modelling to be seen easier. We need to compare the actual lab work and the modelling to spot any changes, and if so, state the reason.

Lab feedback

  • Gibson cloning - Joining of 2 fragments together works, but could not be ligated into the vector. Need more time to perfect the technique.
  • Subtilin immunity - Same as rocF
  • yneA - Transforming into Bacillus subtilis 168 strains works and we have filamentous cells. However still not able to integrate yneA into Pmutin strains. Could use a plasmid that have already contain the IPTG system.


  • Three cracked concrete samples picked up. Can be taken into the lab
  • Use of Electron Microscope (EM) to see the detailed cracks within the concrete
  • Wendy has ordered Natto and the other strain, but have not yet arrived


Lab book is up to date.


ESTA must be completed (if required) ASAP.


Interview from India.


The transportation will be free, but most of the foods will need to be covered by individuals.

Action points

  • Steve - Go through each point on the medal criteria list and write a couple of sentences about how we're going to tackle them
  • Steve - Look into Metabolic Flux Balance Analysis and the softwares that are related to it
  • Steve - Ask Collin Harwood about Bacillus sphaericus
  • Harsh - Read the paper about Bacillus sphaericus
  • Neil and Jen - Ask Peter Andras
  • Everyone - Complete (if required) ESTA forms ASAP

Item(s) for next agenda

  • Go through the presentation slides and refine. Cut down the number of slides so that it fits the 20 minutes time limit

Next meeting

  • Chair: Harsh, Minutes: Younus, Computer: N/A
  • Wednesday afternoon, 3pm, CBCB.
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