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Formal Meeting - 7th July 2010

Roll call

  • Everyone present except Rachel, Colin and Jen

Research feedback

  • Swarming function. sfP and swrA genes needed from 3610 marburg strain. Swarming depends on the two-component system of comP and comA which is activated by comX and csF. ComA then activate srfABCD, leadint to surfactin production. comS will also be activated which is for competence. Surfactin may break the surface tension to allow movement. Frameshift mutation is the sfP gene which is needed for the post translational modification of the surfactin. Mutation in the swrA too, which is needed for the flagella biosynthesis. Surfactin also an amp, however the immunity gene is found in the 168 strain.
  • Gibson cloning to disrupt the frame shift mutation. Neil, Jem and Wendy is working on the Gibson method. Faster way to sticking the biobrick together.

Lab feedback

  • Arginine tests - Harsh and Alan. No pH change observed. Use a minimal medium, as other nitrogen source might be present in LB.
  • Urea tests - Harsh and Alan. Pink colour change observed. Urea being breakdown by B subtilis.
  • DNA extraction - Da and Deena. Extract DNA from strain 3633. Needed for rocF and spa genes.
  • LacI extraction - Phil and Younus. Extracted lacI from pMutin4 plasmid.

Logo and T-shirts

  • Put CBCB logo on the T-shirt


  • Harsh to travel to London on 160710.

Travel plans

  • Book flights from 041110 to the 081110

iGEM UK get together

  • Starts at 12.30 on the 200710 and end at 12.30 on 210710. Each team to give a 20 minutes talk. 2 slides for each brick. Dinner at La Tasca.

Action points

  • Civil engineering funding: Colin and Neil to get together to find funding.
  • Microscope pic of calcium carbonate precipitation: Deena
  • iGEM UK get together and dinner: All members to inform Jill Green for attendance.
  • Write to iGEM to get additional badges and stickers
  • Make a list of people that are going to iGEM

Next meeting

  • Chair: Younus, Deena: Minutes, Computer: Steven
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