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Agenda for the formal Meeting: 3rd June 2010

Start Time: 3pm
1. Roll call and apologies
Apologies Anil late, Phil late
2. Approval of minutes
3. Action points of last meeting
4. Tutorials
• Clone Manager Tutorial- postponed
• Previous Tutorials – In the Dropbox or on the wiki? Not there yet.
5. Research Feedback:
BioBrick 1 (CaCO3/Urease): All
Paper from tutorial –not in drop box yet!
Action point – people who were there to re-teach tutorial
BioBrick 2 (End of crack & signalling system): D.Y.; P.H.; Y.E.; H.S.
BioBrick 3 (Non-target-environment kill switch): S.W.; A.L.; R.B.; J.S.
BioBrick 4 (Spider silk & filamentous cells): J.S.; R.B.; S.W.; Y.E.; Z.B.
Important to know promoter binding, inhibitors, -10 and -35 regions affinity and RNApol
BioBrick 5 (Glue & lysis): H.S.; A.L.; P.H.; D.Y.
BioBrick 6 Sequential Programming (Richard)
A few weeks
6. Action points
Jen send link tutorial
Wendy to mailing
Coilin to mailing list
Janetta to check wiki
Edit sponsors on wiki add welcome trust and industrial workware
1. Flowcharts
no progress
2. Emails to Colin Harwood and Christopher Voigt
Colin emailed, Voigt not sending an email serious research instead.
3. Logo/ T-shirts
green, end of June
4. Visas
letter ready to sign- Harsh hassle Anil
5. Travel plans
1. Flights
2. Accommodation
6. Funding
Jeff Errington no reply
Edit funding letter / review
Andrew Young- sage- letter!
7. Modelling
Needs to be sorted- SBML? Cell ML and Java
Richard – chief of modelling/ Each Team decide
Software tool –Gibson, see email from Anil: Computational sub project, simple graphical interface.
8. Advisors
add Colin. Goksel and Wendy to wiki and mailing, colin davies
9. New students
New civil. Eng no funding yet
10. Time line discussion
Jannetta carry forward action point add timeline
Phil Update timeline
11. Other business
Gilbert and Sulivan – This Monday and Tuesday 7.30pm £4 student £5 Adult (Social)
Jannetta’s project – work flows –e science, use web services: blast ncbi etc export (computer accesses instead of manual) from one to the other rather than copy pasting from many sites. Teverner. Work flow example will find restriction sites in a nucleotide sequence. Output where the restriction sites are. Cut site not always where the start of the sequence,0 is for the start of the recognition site .
12. Items for next agenda
13. Next meeting
No formal next week
Informal meeting – tomorrow 12pm Walton
1. Chair –Phil
2. Minutes – Steven
3. Computer- Alan
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