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Formal Meeting - 24th June 2010

  • Start Time: 3pm

Roll call and Apologies

  • Absent: Harsh, Younus, Steven

Previous meeting

  • Summary of igem given to new advisors, Summary of two teams progress with Lab training and lacI/yneA Brick design.

Logo/ T-shirts

  • T-shirt design looked over, T-shirt co. logo needs to be added and Welcome Trust logo needs to be bigger.

|Meeting at 9am Monday morning to try to finalise design.


  • Letter to Andrew Young needs to be written asking for funds.
  • Neil and Jen also need to apply for funding from Civil Engineering

lacI/yneA Brick

  • yneA sequence done and sent for synthesis.
  • Model needs more parameters and also inclusion of ftsZ
  • Cloning strategy needs more detail

Lab Training

  • Summary of Lab team's week is on the wiki

New Brick/Modelling

  • Trying to create one or more BioBricks to upregulate Urease in order to produce more extracellular Calcium Carbonate
  • Two Bricks:
  1. Upregulate rocF
  2. Downregulate ahrC by antisense mRNA
  • A small problem is that 168 does not export Urease
  • Examined SBML shorthand for Model, still needs more parameters
  • No cloning strategy as of yet

Next week

  • We our on our own in terms of orgaisation, cannot use small meeting room as base, cannot be in CBCB or lab without Neil or Wendy
  • Two options for next brick :
  1. Quorum sensing
  2. Glue/Lysis
  • Neil: Think about wow factor
  • Need to design primers for lacI PCR
  • Insert into pSB1AT3 in front of RFP

Testing on concrete

  • Would be nice to do some mechanical modelling/testing on concrete

Gibson Cloning

  • Advisors/Wendy will sort out
  • Steven needs to have a look at creating software to design primers for it
  • Jannetta could turn this into a web service


  • Will go on Thursday night as better for getting acclimatised
  • Fly out on 4th, return on 8th (arrival may actually be on 9th)
  • Neil and Jen will book flights and accommodation

Other Business

  • Can submit parts to the registry even though we do not have actual DNA
  • Thursday 1st July 3pm next meeting
  1. Chair:Da
  2. Minutes:Alan
  3. Computer

Action Points

  • Jannetta: Add T-shirt co. to logo, make Welcome trust bigger
  • Write letter to Andrew Young
  • Neil and Jen: Extract money from civ eng
  • Neil and Jen: Book Fights and Accommodation