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Minutes for the formal Meeting: 24th June 2010
Start Time: 3pm
1. Apologies
Harsh, Younus, Steven
2. Previous meeting
Summary of igem given to new advisors, Summary of two teams progress with Lab training and lacI/yneA Brick design.
3. Logo/ T-shirts
T-shirt design looked over, T-shirt co. logo needs to be added and Welcome Trust logo needs to be bigger. Meeting at 9am Monday morning to try to finalise design.
4. Funding
Letter to Andrew Young needs to be written asking for funds. Neil and Jen also need to apply for funding from Civil Engineering
Quote from Neil: You know it all know
5. lacI/yneA Brick
yneA sequence done and sent for synthesis. Model needs more parameters and also inclusion of ftsZ Cloning strategy needs more detail
6. Lab Training
Summary of Lab team's week is on the wiki
7. New Brick/Modelling
Trying to create one or more BioBricks to upregulate Urease in order to produce more extracellular Calcium Carbonate Two Bricks: Upregulate rocF Downregulate ahrC by antisense mRNA A small problem is that 168 does not export Urease Examined SBML shorthand for Model, still needs more parameters No cloning strategy as of yet
8. Next week
We our on our own in terms of orgaisation, cannot use small meeting room as base, cannot be in CBCB or lab without Neil or Wendy Two options for next brick : Quorum sensing Glue/Lysis Neil: Think about wow factor Need to design primers for lacI PCR Insert into pSB1AT3 in front of RFP
9. Testing on concrete
Would be nice to do some mechanical modelling/testing on concrete
10. Gibson Cloning
Advisors/Wendy will sort out Steven needs to have a look at creating software to design primers for it Jannetta could turn this into a web service
11. Jamboree
Will go on Thursday night as better for getting acclimatised Fly out on 4th, return on 8th (arrival may actually be on 9th) Neil and Jen will book flights and accommodation
12. Other Business
Can submit parts to the registry even though we do not have actual DNA Thursday 1st July 3pm next meeting
Chair:Da Minutes:Alan Computer:
13. Action Points
Jannetta: Add T-shirt co. to logo, make Welcome trust bigger Write letter to Andrew Young Neil and Jen: Extract money from civ eng Neil and Jen: Book Fights and Accommodation