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Formal Meeting - 1st July 2010

Roll call

Everyone here except Phil and Younus who are in the lab. Arrived 10 mins later.

Action points from last week

  • Wiki changes have been made.
  • Letter to Andrew Young is not finished - someone needs to be in charge of this.
  • Civil engineer funding is not done yet.
  • Flights: plan is to get there on Thursday about 4-5 p.m.

Research feedback - end of crack signalling, quorum sensing

  • Oxygen limitation triggers subtilin production, ResD and E.
  • Need subtilin immunity brick too spaIFEG.
  • Subtilin receptor was done in 2008 by Newcastle spaRK.
  • Want it to be triggered by both oxygen limitation and by subtilin. Oxygen to trigger the production at the end of the crack, subtilin to propagate the signal.
  • We need to get the strain with these genes. ATCC6633.

Lab feedback

  • Arginine and urease tests - Harsh and Alan. The experiment has been designed, waiting for the materials. In the lab at 4 pm.
  • Urea media, grown overnight, If the urea is used, there will be a colour change.
  • Arginine test. Bug in LB, supplement with arginine. If arginine is used, pH increase.
  • Phil and Younus, transforming E. coli dh5alpha with the vector that we will be using for lacI. Plasmid extraction tomorrow.

Logo and T-shirts

  • Finalised.
  • University logo must be correct - take it from the University website, not from anywhere else. Fill in the form to get the high resolution image.
  • CBCB logo needs to be added. Ask Jeff or Joanna.


  • Younus still hasn't filled in the visa-waiver form.


  • Andrew Young letter needs to be finished and checked tomorrow.


  • Could be made more detailed now.
  • Might need another brick, for motility or swarming. Definitely do not want biofilm formation.
  • Spider silk next? It's on our logo so we should do it.

Action points

  • Phil: talk to Dr Aldridge about glue. How easy would it be to design a glue BioBrick?
  • All: Andrew Young letter needs to be finished and checked tomorrow.

Next meeting

  • Next Wednesday, 3 p.m.
  • Chair: Harsh, Minutes: Alan, Computer: Phil
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