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Formal meeting - 11th August 2010

Roll calls

  • Apologies: Neil
  • Absence: Matt, Jem, Colin Harwood and Colin Davie


T-shirts are almost ready. However, everyone needs to send their preferred names to Janetta to be printed onto the T-shirts. The actual printing will take approximately a week.

Judging Criteria

  • We should focus on one of the Gold requirements and if there is any extra time, another requirement can be tackled
  • Possibly look at other teams' wiki pages to identify any area that we may potentially be able to help - perhaps St Andrews' modelling???


Modelling should be the main focus after the lab work - after August.

Lab feedback

  • Gibson cloning - find out whether it's worked tomorrow
  • Subtilin immunity - ongoing, currently doing gel electrophoresis and extraction

Research feedback

All the research feedbacks are done. For now, no need for anymore.


  • Lab book is up to date


  • Deena to travel to London tomorrow (12.08.2010)

Action points

  • Jen: keep checking the Visa-Waiver page for updates on the Extra Immigration form
  • Jen: contact Sir Tony about Natto stains
  • Jen: arrange the presentation videos of the six finalists last year, one for each week
  • Jen: presentation skills
  • Phil: find out more info about Natto stains
  • Phil: update the judging criteria timeline
  • Phil: enter the details of the BioBrick "Subtilin Immunity"
  • Phil: move to Steve's house to work on iGEM in September
  • Janetta and Younus: iGEM logo on homepage of our wiki, and also sort out the layouts and photos
  • Steve: enter the details of the BioBrick "rocF"
  • Rachel: enter the details of the BioBrick "yneA"
  • Everyone: book taxi(s) for November
  • Everyone: send their preferred names to Janetta for the names on the back of the T-shirts
  • Everyone: prepare a rough version of the presentation by next formal meeting

Next meeting

  • Da: Chair, Steve: Minutes, Harsh: Computer
  • Wednesday afternoon, 3pm (possibly?)
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