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Meet the Team


alt text
  • Advisor 1: Dr. Christie Howard
  • Advisor 2: Dr. Dave Shintani
  • Med Student (Advisor 3): Nick Tschernia


  • Student 1: Hilary Allen
  • Student 2: Matthew Polasko
  • Student 3: Samantha Lee
  • Student 4: Christian Copley
  • Student 5: Elaine Bersaba
  • Student 6: Bryson Wheeler
  • Student 7: Richard Hilleary
  • Student 8: Randy Pares
  • Student 9: Meagen Belcher
  • Student 10: Vadim Gladwill
  • Student 11: Nick Noel


alt text
Richard Hilleary

alt text
Matthew Polasko

alt text
Samantha Lee

alt text
Christian Copley

alt text
Elaine Bersaba

alt text
Vadim Gladwill

alt text
Randy Pares

alt text
Meagan Belcher

File:In progress
Bryson Wheeler

File:In progress
Hilary Allen