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  • Our design

To achieve our specific aim, we have designed a novel reporting device (Speedy reporter) for quickly detectin and measuring the mRNA location and quantity, it can also be used for protein detection. And we design a novel switch (Speedy switch) for control the mRNA translation of gene expression. We have also designed a faster degradation device (Speedy protein degrader); it allows us to regulate the degradation time for studying the mRNAs without the interference from translation and quickly stopping the gene expression.

Our SpeedyBac system is made up of the following three devices:

  • Speedy switch
    • Faster production of protein by inducing the translation of pre-existing mRNA molecules.
  • Speedy reporter
    • Using mRNA aptamers and split GFP-eIF4A reporter designs to detect promoter activity faster.
  • Speedy protein degrader
    • Fast, specific, and constitutive proteolysis achieved by engineering fluorescent proteins tagged with LVA

  • Our institute

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