Team:Monash Australia/Team


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Who we are


  • Advisor 1: Assoc. Prof Ashley Buckle
  • Advisor 2: Dr. Andrew Perry
  • Advisor 3: Dr. Lloyd Low


  • Student 1: Ben
  • Student 2: Will
  • Student 3: Anna
  • Student 4: Daniel
  • Student 5: Ricky
  • Student 6: Tom

What we did

For team Monash Australia we are currently balancing iGEM work with semester one and two of university, with the Jamboree around out end of year examinations. Due to this we have equally divided all work between us to help us juggle university study and iGEM project. Much of the iGEM project would have not been possible if it was not for the drive, energy and passion that both Ben and Andrew have given, Thanks guys.

Where we're from