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The S&T iGEM team has been around since 2007, when we competed with our ethanol sensor project. Our current project is to construct a microbial fuel cell using four outer membrane cytochrome genes from Geobacter and placing them into E. coli. This will allow the easy-to-work-with aerobic E. coli to complete its electron shuttling pathway outside the cell, kicking out electrons that can be used in an electric circuit.
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The growing need for alternative fuel sources has sparked interest and research across many scientific and engineering disciplines. The fledgling field of microbial fuel cell development has previously relied on anaerobic metal reducing organisms such as Geobacter sulfurreduccens. This project sought to isolate genes from the electron shuttling pathway in Geobacter and transform them into the more manageable aerobic Escherichia coli. The Missouri University of Science and Technology iGEM team isolated four outer membrane cytochrome (omc) genes from Geobacter, vital to the extracellular transportation of electrons. The four genes; omcB, omcE, omcS and omcT, were cloned into individual plasmids. The eventual goal is to combine all four genes into one plasmid to transform into E. coli to create an aerobic, electron transporting microbial system.

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Who we are


  • Katie Shannon: Biological Sciences
  • Dave Westenberg: Biological Sciences


  • Nichole Hurd: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Meghan Ray: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Drew Menke: Biological Sciences
  • Daniel Roush: Biological Sciences | Pre-Med
  • Helen Cardwell: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Amanda Foster:
  • Erica Shannon: Biological Sciences
  • Brianna Kneib:

What we did

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Missouri University of Science & Technology

Missouri S&T is part of the University of Missouri System located in Rolla, Missouri. It's approximately 6,000 students study mostly engineering and the sciences. The University takes part in the Green Energy Initiative, and our E3 Commons is an indicator of our commitment to sustainability and responsible energy research and development.

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Rolla, Missouri: The Middle of Everywhere

A town of about 18,000, Rolla plays the generous host to Missouri S&T. Rolla is located in southeast Missouri between Springfield and St. Louis.