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Week #3

20th September -24th September 2010


Planned and prepared for tomorrow's electroporation

  • Electroporator departed.
  • Made up LB agar plates with cloramphenicol 35ng/ul.
  • We planned how to transform Psb1C3 from plate.

We still looking for a nano spectrophotometer to quantify DNA’s concentrations

and tried to make ligations Psb1C3 with each PCR product

( current biobricks).


Transformed DH5α competent cells, and kept 10 plates incubating 37ºC overnight.

  • Prepared solutions for miniprep via Alkalin lysis method.


Previous day transformations showed only two plates were sucessfully.


  • We kept the inoculated cells on LB liquid medium at 37ºC overnight, four falcon tubes each containing 30ml.


We did the miniprep however we do not get positive results

It could be that the solutions for alkalin lysis are not working.


  • We have discussed about the quantification of our cold sistem response

we are going to use a promoter system, the functional cassette with J13002 as follow:

  • Promoter + our functional sequence + GFP (green fluorescent protein)


  • Promoter + our functional sequence + AFP (anti freeze protein)


We had a meeting with our Genomic's friends and we are going to get a

collaboration on Modeling and maybe also at wet lab.