Team:Mexico-UNAM-CINVESTAV/Notebook/Week One


As summer project our experimental work began in August, after intensive brainstorming we finnaly decide

between two options.

*Inmunoresponse using Synthetic Biology.

*Cryobiology applied to plant crops.

After a selection process we chose the Cryobiology Project.

The final design of the expressions modules were as follow:


Next Notebook sheet is our reference for primers and ligations and for modules Assembly:


The AFP (Antifreeze Protein) was synthesized as follow:


Week #1

06th September - 10th September 2010


  • We got plasmid PSB1C3 from the Biobrick plate.
  • We prepared stock solutions of Cloramphenicol, Kanamicyn, Ampicilin.
  • Some LB agar and 35ug/ml cloramphenicol plates made up .
  • We al ready made quimio and electro-competent cells for transformation and stored in aliquots in containers vials at -80 degrees..


We transformed DH5α cells with PSB1C3.


We have not obtained transformats cells.

We checked out Cloramphenicol stock concentration and attempt again the transformation used PSB1C3.


The primers arrived and we proceed to amplify the modules by PCR.


The amplification was ok and we had looking for a nano spectrophotometer.

we made quantification of DNA concentrations