Team:MIT undergraduates


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Paul pondering.
the undergraduates

This is Andrew. He's pretty much a baller joke. Nah, just messin'. Andrew, better known to the team as Andre, has an intense bromance with another team member, Paul Muir.

This is Arvind. He's our secret weapon!

This is Crystal. She is a rising junior in Course 10.

This is Grant :cough: ...I mean, Abdul. As you can tell, he's a pretty scary guy. Fun fact: Toward the middle of the summer, Grant started literally living in the lab.

This is Jstev. He's a rising senior from... wait for it... the University of Kansas! But we consider him to be an honorary MIT baller. Jstev gets paid more than we do and also has free housing. :( Chances are that Jstev is older than you, and he is known to some as Mr. Potatohead. ...JSTEV!!!

This is Joy. She's Asian!

This is Kevin. He's a minor!

Laura is a physics/biology major with background in biogerontology. She's been biologist since she was 12, working in university labs until she arrived at MIT. She's a bit obsessed with Maxwell's equations, and has a tendency to name things after her favorite scientists (Faraday, Tesla, Maxwell, Newton, Watson & Crick, Huxley, Darwin, Pasteur, Pauling, Gauss, Bruno, and Galileo, in no particular order.)

This is Lauren. She's Course 6.

This is Leanna. She is a rising junior in Course 20. She likes gymnastics and NCAA basketball (men's) and has an intense passion for the Situation.

This is Paul. He lived in Switzerland for years, and yes, he's related to John Muir.

This is Shawn. His unorthodox protocols may one day culminate in several BioBrick standards.

Shirley is a sophomore in course 20.