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In E.Coli, the MIT Bacterial team endeavored to design a system of UV-inducible polymerizing phage. In order to establish and fine-tune the control of phage growth, we focused on implementing and improving the Collins toggle, a bistable genetic switch in E.Coli. The UV power required to switch the Collins toggle to the "on" state was killing many of our cells. To counteract this cell death, we biobricked a Low Power Toggle that required 1/8 the UV power to switch states. Another problem we faced was in a leaky hybrid promoter R0065. It would create basal signal in some cells that were not supposed to be in the "off" state. We improved this hybrid promoter so that it is more tightly controlled by our input. See the results! →

The Phage team is well on its way to making hairy cells that express polymerizing phage.