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From the 2010 MIT iGEM Team.See the Parts Registry Page!! →

K415010 + RBS : p8-GR1 This part is a composite part of BBa_K415010 (PluxR/cI : RBS : mCherry : Term : PtetR : RBS : LuxR:Term : Plux/cI) with a p8-GR1 fusion appended, where p8 is the major coat protein of M13 bacteriophage and GR1 is a leucine zipper coil that can bind to corresponding zipper coil, GR2. This part is designed to produce the fusion, which can then be displayed on the phage coat when used in a helper phage system.

The p8-GR1 part consists of an RBS, the p8 leader sequence, the zipper coil, an HA tag, a linker sequence, followed by a phage display optimized p8.

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