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Project Description

As the field of Synthetic Biology is on the rise, iGEM is growing up very fast and the number of parts in the parts registry is increasing with the addition of more complex parts each day. After facing some difficulty while running our algorithms on the parts registry, the need for standardization of parts entry was apparent.

By following the basics of professional software development approaches, we are aiming to overcome the issues that can be observed while building extensive and complex databases. Entity Relationship Model (ER) diagrams has been applied in order to design an extensible database. We are currently developing Software Requirements Specification (SRS) to define the requirements for each part in the registry and building blocks of the software such as algorithm, user interface, web server etc. Software Design Description (SDD) approach will be helping us while developing the final software and design art elements of the software that will deliver the database requirements . Our Quality Plan (QP) will point out the risks of the designed software and help us with the risk management.These professional software development approaches are helping us to communicate with a common language between the Software oriented and Biology oriented members in the team. We are using graph theoretic modeling to visualize the relations between iGEM Parts and to standardize the represantation of the parts as much as possible by graph theoretical methods. It will help us when we try to find input output relations between the parts. Furthermore, our program will be able to provide alternative pathways to construct the most reliable Biobrick devices with respect to given inputs and expected outputs as a Biobrick Guide.

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