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In the comparison of the cultures with Ferric Citrate and without Ferric Citrate, we prepared different cultures that all of them induced with IPTG and 4 of them had Ferric Citrate adn 4 of them did not have Ferric Citrate. According to the SDS-Page result, Ferric Citrate increses the expression of CooA. It is probably releated to heme characteristic of CooA.

In this expreiment we also determine the best IPTG induction time. The cultures were induced for 3-5-7-9 hours. At the end of the experiment we concluded that the induction time also affects expression of CooA, however 5 hour induction is the best because both monomer and dimer form of CooA is highly expressed and the impurities are less when compared to 9 hours induction. In -FC7 well, we probably made pipeting error; therefore, we had greyed bands.