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Team LMU IGEM 2010
Our team picture

Who we are

Hello IGEM! Here we want to introduce you our team constisting of biologists, biochemists, chemists and bioinformatics and three faculty advisors. The LMU team is competing for the first time.



  • Thorsten Mascher: Mentor for all
  • Kirsten Jung: Mentor for all
  • Angelika Böttger: Mentor for Apo-Control
  • Grad Student 1: Our leader


  • Student 1: Sleepyhead
  • Bartels Julia: Pathway, Apo-Control
  • Bauer Tobias: Pathway
  • Buschle Alexander: Apo-Control
  • Clanner Benjamin: Pathway
  • Drexler Maria: Apo-Control
  • Fumi Erik: Pathway
  • Goldberg Tatyana: Apo-Control
  • Häfele Franziska: Apo-Control
  • Hofer Corinna: Apo-Control
  • Keller Nicolas: Apo-Control, Pathway
  • Kleinknecht Laura: Apo-Control
  • Krönauer Christina: Pathway
  • Kurz Marisa: Pathway
  • Popken Jens: Apo-Control
  • Radeck Jara: Apo-Control
  • Stiegeler Emanuel: Pathway
  • Vetter Angelika:Apo-Control
  • Wagner Sabine:Apo-Control
  • Wang Mengzhe (Grace): Apo-Control
  • Zink Lisa-Maria: Apo-Control

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)


Responsibilities for:

Press: Nicolas Keller, Marisa Kurz

Sponsors: Sabine Wagner

Pathway: Tobias Bauer, Emanuel Stiegeler, Benjamin Clanner

Apo-Control: Mengzhe Wang („Grace“), Julia Bartels

Homepage: Tatyana Goldberg, Jens Popken

Coordination/Organisation: Jara Radeck

Contact: igemlmu(at)yahoo(dot)de

Where we're from

we are from Munich