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Cell Line

The cell line used in this project is the human embryonic kidney cell line 293T .

Databases Search

The NCBI GEO and ArrayExpress databases were extensively searched for environmental conditions leading to apoptosis in 293T cells and genes differentially expressed under these conditions. The following data was obtained:

Environmental Condition (EV) Number of genes differentially expressed Reference
Conduritol B Epoxide treatment 57 [1]
Gammaherpesvirus 103 [2]
HIV integration 1 [3]
HLTV-1 p30 2291 [4]
Hypoxia 2 [5]
RCAS-beta-cateinS37A 55 [6]

[1] Campeau PM, Rafei M, Boivin MN, Sun Y et al. Characterization of Gaucher disease bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells reveals an altered inflammatory secretome. Blood 2009 Oct 8;114(15):3181-90. GEO Link [2] Gene Expression and Transcription Factor Profiling Reveal Inhibition of Transcription Factor cAMP-response Element-binding Protein by {gamma}-Herpesvirus Replication and Transcription Activator. Brown HJ, Peng L, Harada JN, Walker JR, Cole S, Lin SF, Zack JA, Chanda SK, Sun R. J Biol Chem 285(33):25139-53 [=&exptype[]=&pagesize=25&sortby=releasedate&sortorder=descending&expandefo=on Array Express Link] [3] A role for LEDGF/p75 in targeting HIV DNA integration. Angela Ciuffi, Manuel Llano, Eric Poeschla, Christian Hoffmann, Jeremy Leipzig, Paul Shinn, Joseph R Ecker, Frederic Bushman. Nat Med 11(12):1287-9 [=&exptype[]=&pagesize=25&sortby=releasedate&sortorder=descending&expandefo=on Array Express Link] [1] Reference one Geo [1] Reference one Geo [1] Reference one Geo

In order to understand gene regulation of apoptosis regulated genes the Transcriptional Regulatory Element Database (TRED) was used to extract known promoters and the STRING database for known and predicted protein-protein interactions. The lists of all known human transcription factors were downloaded from here and here.