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Cell Line

The cell line used in this project is the human embryonic kidney cell line 293T . Environmental Conditions

The NCBI GEO and httpArrayExpress databases were extensively searched for environmental conditions leading to apoptosis in 293T cells and genes differentially expressed under these conditions. The following data was obtained:

The table's caption
Environmental Condition (EV) #genes selectively expressed in this EV Reference
Conduritol B Epoxide treatment 57 row 1, cell 3
Gammaherpesvirus 103 row 1, cell 3
HIV integration 1 row 1, cell 3
HLTV-1 p30 2291 row 1, cell 3
Hypoxia 2 row 1, cell 3
RCAS-beta-cateinS37A 55 row 1, cell 3

Since we are interested in genes