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ProSearch System

This system is to search for new enhancer-promoter combinations that efficiently trigger gene expression in response to different stimuli. This part of the project is carried out through a bioinformatic modeling process. The end-product is a databank of related genes, their promoters and transcription factors at the input of a wished environmental condition. This system is useful for the construction of new inducible systems trying to utilize apoptosis or other gene expression in the human cell-line 293T.

  1. !/bin/sh

echo Content-type: text/html echo ""

      1. $QUERY_STRING=namex=valuex&namey=valuey&namez=valuez

QS=`echo $QUERY_STRING | sed -e s/\\\`//g -e s/\"//g` str1=`echo $QS|awk -F\& '{printf $1}'` str2=`echo $QS|awk -F\& '{printf $2}'` arg1=`echo $str1|awk -F= '{printf $2}'` arg2=`echo $str2|awk -F= '{printf $2}'`

/bin/cat << EOM Transcription Factors of genes differentially expressed in condition $arg1

TFs of genes differentially expressed in condition $arg1


java GetTFsPromoters "$arg1" "$arg2"

cat << EOM