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== Evaluation ==
== Evaluation ==

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Human Practice

When we were thinking about how to do human practice, we first wanted to present synthetic biology, the iGEM competition and our team at a stand in the middle of munich. But while discussing what information we wanted to provide, we recognized that we don´t know what people already know about this topic. So we changed our plans and conducted a survey on synthetic biology.

We asked people on their opinion of several topics, including some questions to check on their knowledge. To gather a broad range of participants, we asked people on the "Oktoberfest", in the University of Munich and while waiting at an urban authority.

For the english version of our original questionary, please click here. We also distributed a german version.

The evalution presents interesting figures of our poll.




Yes we know it is a quite strange idea to go to a crowded place, where everyone goes just to drink beer and have fun, and ask question about such a sophisticated topic as synthetic biology.

But the tempting thing about the Oktoberfest is that it is quiet a international affair, in spite the fact that it should be a typically bavarian tradition. Together with the fact that we thought we would meet quite a broad range of people, and that these might be even more honest having a high blood alcohol, we thought it would be an interesting and maybe quite fun place to go with this survey.

And overall it was the 200. aniversary of this tradition, so it had to be good ...