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Goal B: Characterization of λ Lysis cassette


λ Lysis cassette is a gene that causes cell lysis.In previous iGEM, some teams evaluated the lytic activity of λ Lysis cassette qualitatively. However, when we considered λ Lysis cassette not only as a device of cell lysis but as a device of cell death, we must study about λ Lysis cassette more quantitatively.For example, we must study when cells die, how many cells die.

To characterize the lytic activity of λ Lysis cassette quantitatively, we regulate the gene expression of λ Lysis cassette by a lactose promoter, R0011, which we characterized quantitatively by RPU in GoalA. To repress the basal expression of λ Lysis cassette without IPTG as possible, we used pSB4K5, a low copy vector, as a plasmid backbone and used KRX as a host cell. Needless to say, we characterized R0011 in the same experimental condition.For more detailed explanation of the characterization of R0011, go Goal A

We grew these cultures to saturation at 37 degrees Celsius in supplemented M9 media, and then dillute with the same media 100 fold, growing to mid-log , and split 3ml into falcon tubes. A range of concentrations of IPTG was added to these cultures, and they were then incubated at 37 degrees . and the absorbance at 550nm was measured every 30 min with きかい