Yesterday , Today and Tomorrow : An ethical future for Synbio ?

Some developments in one way can have some consequences, positive or negative, in various other ways. And we have to be careful, because some errors made today could have unimaginable consequences. That’s why the principle of precaution is something necessary, and some debates and round-table are essential. Before doing some Synbio, it is important to know what we are doing and why, to define the limits and the implications of our work. This is one of the first solutions imposed in laboratories. Before doing some genetic modifications, especially on human, people have to declare it and to develop the aim of their work. This is what scientists can do on their side to reassure people. Then for the part of “illegal” and “undeclared” things, politicians have to establish more precautions, as they’re trying to do with everything regarding the Internet machine. Because Synbio potential is enormous, and could be the solution of many medical, energetic or food problems, it is our assignment to make it the right way. But what is Right ?
And we bring back to an old friend: Profits or Greater Good ?

And if you are curious to discover the conclusions of the European Union round-table, you can find here all the recommendations made by the experts to the European Union president, José Barroso.

Source :
« Ethical Aspects of Synthetic Biology : Proceedings of the round-table debate”,

European group on ethics in science and new technologies to the European commission, BRUSSELS, 19 MAY 2009.