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Results of yesterdays transformation

  • pSB1C3 uterly failed to produce colonies
  • pUC119 produced 20 colonies
  • colonies that should been red because of RFP insert wasn't, so there is possibility that insert wasn't there

Colony PCR on yesterdays E.coli

  • Colony PCR was done according to protocol
  • This day we did 20 samples


Concentration check of parts used for transformation yesterday

Electrophoresis of parts before ligation

Confirmed that DNA solution concentration of parts for Ligation was as anticipated (good?)

Lane DNA
2 λ/Hind III, EcoR I
5 pUC119
6 pSB1C3

PCR of 1-3A

Transformation of 1-3A part which is originaly on pSB1C3 was succesful
Thinking that linearized vector might gone bad we PCRed pSB1C3 from 1-3A

Reagent Amount
1-3A 1
DW 33
10x Buffer 5
2 M 4dNTPs 5
25 mM MgSO4 3
Suffix-F 1
Prefix-R 1
Total 50 uL
  • Extension was for120 sec
  • Purified via Microcon YM-10
  • Final volume was 43 uL