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Electrophoresis of Yesterday Samples

Electrophoresis of concentrated GFP-double terminator(T3SS signal wasn't seen)
  • electrophoresed 6 uL Marker λ/HindIII EcoRI and 1 uL of two yesterday samples.T3SS signal wasn't observed.

Colony PCR of Arabinose Promoter + RBS + GFP + double terminator

  • PCRed 5 colony.

PCR mix

Reagent Amount
Quick Taq 25 uL
EX-F 0.5 uL
PS-R 0.5 uL
Total 26 uL
  • PCRed according to the table below.98C and 68C for 35 cycles.

temp time
94C 2 min
94C 30 sec
68C 90 sec
4C hold
  • erectrophoresed the samples.Marker is 10 uL λ/HindIII EcoRI.
Electrophoresis of colony PCR sample

Cultivation of colony

  • cultivated the colonies which were used for PCR.Each Samples were cultured in LB contained Ampicillin and 20% Arabinose or contained only Ampicillin.

PCR of T3SS signal again

  • We thought colony PCR can't use KOD plus neo.We did a PCR with KOD plus neo again,and also did with Quick Taq.

PCR mix

Reagent Amount
colony solution 10 uL
DW 23 uL
10x PCR Buffer 5 uL
5 mM 4dNTPs 5 uL
25 mM MgSO4 3 uL
EX-RBS Primer 1.5 uL
SlrP3 Primer 1.5 uL
KOD plus neo 1 uL
Total 50 uL
Reagent Amount
Quick Taq 7 uL
EX-F 1.5 uL
PS-R 1.5 uL
colony solution 10 uL
Total 20 uL