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  • digestion of GFP(1-14K) and double terminator(1-23L)

Digestion of GFP and Double Terminator

Parts Information

GFP : BBa_E0040 1-14K 720bp pSB1A3

double terminator : BBa_B0015 1-23L 129bp pSB1AK3


1-14K and pSB1A3 had purified with mycrocon, and 1-23L had extracted from a gel before.


1)electrophoresed 1μl of 1-14K and 1-23L added 0.5μl 6×sample buffer to estimate concerntration of each solution.

2)estimated concerntration from photo of electrophoresys.But I forgot to electrophorese pSB1A3 solution with the other samples,so pSB1A3 solution was done by other person.