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(Electrophoresed after gel extraction)
(Electrophoresed after Team:HokkaidoU_Japan/Protocolsgel extraction)
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=Electrophoresed after [[Team:HokkaidoU_Japan/Protocolsgel extraction]]=
=Electrophoresed after [[Team:HokkaidoU_Japan/Protocols|gel extraction]]=
[[Image:HokkaidoU Japan 20100913b.jpg‎|200px|right|thumb|Electrophoresis after purification]]
[[Image:HokkaidoU Japan 20100913b.jpg‎|200px|right|thumb|Electrophoresis after purification]]

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araC promoter purification

Electrophoresed for gel extraction

Compared to marker band was a little lower than it should. Thinking that this was due to too big an amount, gel extracted anyway.

  • Used TSUDA marker
  • Part length is 1259 bp

Electrophoresed after gel extraction

Electrophoresis after purification
  • Electrophoresed TSUDA ITSUDA I 2 uL and 0.5 uL of purified solutuion

→Estimated concentration to be 54 ng/uL

  • This time band location is good
  • Accidentally excised a part of other band resulting small contamination

Gel purification of GFP(1-12O) and concentration check

Electrophoresis for concentration check

→Estimated concentration to be 120 ng/uL

  • Part length is 878 + 220 bp = 947 bp
  • That slightly above mark so OK.