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Electrophoresis of pSB1C3 concentrated to 50 ug/uL

Electrophoresis of concentrated pSB1C3
  • Added 2.8 uL of 6x SB to 17.4 uL of pSB1C3 solution digested yesterday and electrophoresed
Lane DNA
Added too much of marker, mistake
λ/Hind III & EcoR I
pSB1C3 solution
pSB1C3 solution
  • IF digestion and ligation went well there should be bands of dimers, trimers but none of the were visible
  • Only band visible was monomer(about 2000 bp)

Filtration of pSB1A3, pSB1C3 and pSB1K3 PCR solutions

Remaining amount from check via electrophoresis,namely 49 uL was filtrated with Microcon YM-10