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Dr. E.coli : The smallest protein injector in the world

   Our main project is on Type III Secretion Apparatus which is one of the most amazing biological devices. This apparatus which looks like a syringe can pass a whole protein molecule from a bacterial cell to a target eukaryotic cell. However, this apparatus is an organelle of pathogenic gram-negative bacterium such as Salmonella and Yersinia. So we are aiming at making this device safely available using E. coli.

PCR Based Assembly Protocol

Sometimes standard protocol fails to produce plasmid or BioBrick is toxic to host cell and can't by amplified. In moments like these PCR is handy. We think we might slightly improved it. You no longer have to guess if restriction was successful.


   The Hokkaido University's igem 2010 team, HokkaidoU_Japan is Japanese 8th the youngest team, consisting of one instructer and 7 undergrad students from facalty of Sciences, Medicine and Agriculture. This is the first year for us to participate in iGEM competition.


   The Notebook is a record of repeat of failures.




   We registered two parts associated with main project. One is a signal sequence that can be used to secrete tagged proteins through Type III Secretion Apparatus. The other is whole contruct that checks whether the Type III secretion system works correctly.

   Also, we registerd one primer set that is useful for the PCR based protocol.