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Characterization of promoters in tuning constructs in T-Rex cells

Dual Luciferase Assay
In order to test for promoter efficiency and to check whether the miRNA kit assembly works fine 50ng of each construct with different promoter set-ups were transfected into HEK 293 T-REx cells and other cell lines HEK, HeLa, Huh7 in 96-well plate format using FuGENE transfection reagent. As every construct is expressing firefly luciferase (luc2) and renilla luciferase (hRluc) at the same time the setup allows for standardization of transfection efficiency as only luc2 is tagged with binding sites. Each sample was transfected and measured by Dual luciferase assay in 8 replicates. As by this time no shRNA has been cloned into plasmid no knock-down of luc2 is expected and the different expression efficiencies allow for characterization of the different promoters. BBa_K337032 leads to a relative luciferase unit (RLU) of luc2 to hRluc expression of 6 RLU. BBa_K337035 and BBa_K337035 are showing a comparable expression of 12 - 13 RLU, which is in line with the knowledge that both luciferases are driven by the CMV promoter. Hek 293 T-Rex cells stably express the Tet repressor thus allows us to observe very efficient repression of Firefly luciferse expression if a CMV-TetO2 promoter is driving luc2 (BBa_K337038 and BBa_K337046). BBa_K337040 transfection into Hek T-Rex cells results in an expression of 15 RLU. BBa_K337042 and BBa_K337044 are constructed in a way that luc2 is driven by the CMV promoter and hRluc is driven by the RSV promoter and show a comparable expression of 17-20 RLU. This leads to the conclusion that the CMV promoter shows comparable expression to the RSV promoter in Hek T-Rex cell lines.

partpromoter driving luc2 (Firefly)promoter driving (Renilla)promoter driving shRNA expression
Promoter strength characterization in HEK 293 T-REx cell line

Characterization of BBa_K337035 and BBa_K337036 in different cell lines

Promoter strength characterization in different cell lines

If transfecting BBa_K337035 and BBa_K337036 are transfected into different cell lines it is obvious that Hek293T cells are the easiest to transfect with both constructs an expression of 17-22 RLU is to be measured. Hek T-Rex cells are showing and expression level of 12 RLU of both constructs. Hela cells are also showing constant expression levels of 8 RLU with both constructs. A rather high standard deviation in the luciferase expression and also differences between the 2 constructs is to be seen in Huh7 cells. This might be due to low transfection efficiency of this cell line in general. Alltogether it is to say that BBa_K337035 and BBa_K337036 show comparable expression.