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Seeding and transfection of cells for microscopy and flow cytometry

5000 Hela cells were seeded on day one in each well of the 96 well plate. Transfection of the constructs (M12-M22) with four different conditions were carried out on day two. The ratio of transfection is 1 (M construct) : 5 (stuffer/ miRsAg/ pcDNA5/ shRNA3) with a total amount of 50ng DNA.

Condition a: cotransfection with stuffer (salmon sperm DNA)

Condition b: cotransfection with synthetic RNA miRsAg

Condition c: cotransfection with empty pcDNA5

Condition d: cotransfection with synthetic shRNA3

A control consisting of the empty miMeasure plasmid (without binding site) was also cotransfected with the same conditions a, b, c and d.

The cells were used for measurements on day three.