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div.suboption {text-indent:80px;}
div.suboption {text-indent:80px;}
div.clear {clear: both;}
div.clear {clear: both;}
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div.reswrap2 {padding:25px; margin:auto; border-style:solid; text-align:left; display:none; font-size:12pt; overflow:hidden;}
.variaresult {font-size: 12pt; color: #11526f; font-weight: bold;}
.variaresult {font-size: 12pt; color: #11526f; font-weight: bold;}

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BS designer for miRNA

Construction of microRNA binding sites
Sequence name

microRNA Sequence ( 5' -> 3')

Spacer (inert sequence)

Perfect Binding Site
Imperfect Binding Site with 4 nt bulge (9-12)
Personalized Binding Site

Seed sequence (1-8)
Customized MISMATCH position

Supplementary region
Customized MATCH positions (input numbers from 9 to 22)

Modify AU content
A in position -1
A in position 0
A in position 1
A in position 8
A in position 9
A in position 10

Sticky ends for integration in plasmid:
Customized: 5' 3'

Name of primer 1

Sequence of primer 1

Name of primer 2

Sequence of primer 2