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Our goal is the creation of an "iGarden" with the biobrick standard and in order for such a concept to work, we must get our constructs into plants. We used agrobacterium-mediated transformation, first in arabidopsis, then in strawberries.

To do so, we created a set of <a href="vectors.html">vectors</a> compatible with the biobrick standard. To express our constucts - such as <a href="../flavor/index.html">flavor</a> elements, <a href="../allergy/index.html">allergen</a> knockdown, or <a href="../fence/index.html">fence</a> mechanisms, we cloned the constucts into the agrobacterium vectors with E. coli as the chassis, then transformed into agrobacteria via electroporation, then innoculated our plants with the contruct containing agrobacteria.

<img src="Harvard2010roadmap.png" width="600px">