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many thanks!

Our project could not have been possible without the help and support of many people. First and foremost, Kurt Schellenberg and Sarah Mathews for help with everything related to growing and transforming Arabidopsis - thank you for your tireless support as we learned how to care for and engineer plants. Kirsten Bomblies and Detlef Weigel for providing us with information and constructs for construction of artificial microRNAs, CSIRO for providing us with hairpin RNAi vectors for plants, Tim Hsiau and J. Chris Anderson for providing help and materials for the genetic fence, and TAIR, for the pORE vector series.

sponsors and supporters


the harvard undergrad biolabs

the silver lab

the mathews lab


Images used on this site were taken by us or licensed under the Creative Commons Share-alike license by the following Flickr users:


The iGarden project was conceived and designed by the 2010 Harvard iGEM Team. Sub-projects were planned and executed by the following team members:

    Plant Vectors and Color BioBricks
  • Aaron Deardon
  • Jackie Quinn
  • Devin Burrill [TF]
  • Mara Inniss [TF]

    Allergy Knock-down BioBricks
  • Jonathan deWerd
  • Anu Raman
  • Lu Wang
  • Christina Agapakis [TF]

    Flavor BioBricks
  • Alex Gedeon
  • Mark Theilmann
  • Patrick Boyle [TF]

    Genetic Fence Circuit
  • Morgan Paull
  • Julia Winn
  • Oliver Medvedik [TF]

Plant transformations were performed by members of each sub-team in conjunction with Kurt Schellenberg in both the Mathews and Silver labs.

Web design was led by Jackie Quinn and Aaron Deardon.

Virtual iGarden was created by Aaron Deardon

The iGarden box was constructed by Jonathan deWerd and Oliver Medvedik.