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Attribution and Contributions

iGEM 2010 HKUST team is composed of 14 undergraduate team members, 5 advisors and 3 instructors(Team Page). Throughout the summer and the first two months of the fall semester (September and October), our members have been working cooperatively and closely with our instructors and advisors.

The project idea and daily lab work was proposed and carried out by members ourselves (including all cloning, sub-cloning and confirmation procedures, Lactobacillus genomic DNA extraction, DNA sequencing, etc.); while our instructors and advisors provided us with great technical support and invaluable experience sharing. The three submitted Biobrick parts were designed, constructed and characterized by our team members. The Human Practice "Summer Synthetic Biology Workshop" was coordinated by our instructors Mr. Sun Wong and Dr. King L. Chow, while all iGEM members participated as tutors throughout the week; our Human Practice "Lab Opening Session" was coordinated by our instructor Dr. Jessica TANG C M while our members participated as demonstrators and assistants. Supports from external parties are documented in details on our "Acknowledgement" page.

Our members' detailed work distribution is listed as follows:

  • Project: Engineered Lactobacillus against S. aureus Infection

    1. Project proposal: Rory
    2. Project Documentation:Rory, Joyce, Hanson, Jack, Julie, Victor, Wendy, Yimo
    3. Lab work:
      1. Construction of chimeric AIP receptor for localization test: Wendy, Rory, Elizabeth, Philo;
      2. Construction of chimeric AIP receptor for functionality test: Hanson, Wendy, Andrea, Rory;
      3. Construction of RIP Production Cassette: Joyce, Julie;
      4. Construction for secretion test of RIP: Joyce, Julie, Yimo;
      5. Transformation of Lactobacillus: Jack, Karen
  • Biobrick:

    • Construction and characterization of Biobricks: Rory, Hanson, Wendy, Victor
  • Human practice:

    1. Synthetic Biology Workshop :
      1. Coordinators:b Dr. King L. Chow (team instructor), Mr. Sun Wong (team instructor)
      2. Tutors: Audrey, Hanson, Jack, Julie, Karen, Tim, Wendy, Yimo
    2. Lab Opening Session:
      1. Cordinator: Dr. Jessica TANG C M (team instructor)
      2. Demonstrators and assistants: Rory, Jack, Wendy
  • Others:

    1. Secretary of general meetings: Audrey
    2. Wiki and Poster
      1. Design and construction of Wiki and poster: Jack
      2. Editing: Rory, Wendy, Hanson, Julie, Yimo, Andrea, Joyce, Jack, Karen
    3. T-shirt and jacket: Tim, Julie