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Professor King-Lau CHOW, Department of Biology
Jessica,Molecular Biomedical Sciences Program
Sun,Molecular Biomedical Sciences Program


I am an undergraduate student studying Chemistry in HKUST. I was born in Wuhan and I am now studying in Hong Kong. I am a fan of sports and soccer is my favorite.

I am year2 student from Biochemistry, Division of Life Science.

I am a Yr3 student from Molecular Biomedical Sciences. I like science a lot, in particularly Biochemistry.I really think that iGEM is a life-long experience as it brought me everlasting knowledge, treasures, friends and good memories.

I am a year3 student major in Molecular Biomedical Sciences. My interests are playing sports and reading. My previous research included characterizing mutants of C.elegans.

I am an undergraduate year 2 student in Biochemistry. I was previously a member of the HKUST 2009 iGEM team, which gave me a splendid experience as well as fond memories. It is great to watch the 2010 team grow this year---good luck to HKUST iGEM 2010! =D

Team Members

I am a year 2 student from HKUST Molecular Biomedical Sciences. This is my second year in iGEM, but still, I really learnt a lot in this iGEM competition.

I am a junior student majoring in Molecular Biomedical Sciences, Division of Life Science. I really enjoy this competition.

I am a year 1 student majoring in biochemistry. I join the iGEM team because I love synthetic biology and enjoy working in laboratory. Experiences in iGEM team have equipped me with fundamental biological knowledge and techniques and provided me an opportunity to approach.

I'm a Year 1 student majoring in Biochemistry.I really enjoyed this great summer spent with my friends who all cherish the same ideal. iGEM gives me a good knowledge of synthetic biology, an everlasting friendship with my teammates as well as an improvement in cooperating with others.

I'm Audrey, a year 1 Biochemistry student. I love science as well as art. I believe "the best way to predict the future is to create it".

Hi, I'm a year 2 student majoring Chemical and Bioproduct Engineering. Thanks to iGEM for giving me this opportunity to know more about synthetic biology and its applications.

This is Hanson, a freshman student majored in biology. During this summer, iGEM showed me the how fascinating synthetic biology is, teaching me how to think like a scientist as well as how to cooperate with my teammates. I really appreciate this great experience!

I'm Yimo, a freshman in Biology. I really enjoy the great time with all my teammates this summer. During iGEM, what I've learned is more than just knowledge and skills. Thank you all!

I'm Elizabeth,studying PHYSICS in HKUST. I like try all kinds of things. iGEM brings me a lot new feelings, which is quite exciting.

I am Julie, a Year 1 biology student. Everything happens in iGEM is so amazing, a brand new experience for me to get to know synthetic biology. And it is really cool to have lots of fun with my teammates this summer. Good luck, 2010 HKUST iGEM team!

I am a year 1 biochemistry student in HKUST. I have learnt a lot from the work we did for our IGEM project and enjoyed every moment with my teammates. I hope that I can make this project a good starting point for my study!

Hi, I am Karen

Hi, I am Jack, a Year 1 biochemistry student. iGEM gives me a chance to discover the world and myself, which leads me to a brand new days in my university life.

Hello, I'm Philo from Chemistry department. Being a year 1 student, iGEM really provides me with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in this area. I've learnt a lot from this and genuinely appreciate all the experience brought by this project and all of my group mates.