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Experimental Results

Construction of AIP Receptor for Localization Test

A.P32 Promoter (SacI)-[RBS]-agrC-mCherry-(XmaI/SmaI)

We successfully constructed agrC fused with mCherry using PCR. Agarose gel electrophoresis showed correct size.

B.P32 Promoter (SacI)-[RBS] -agrC-plnB-(XhoI)-mCherry-(XmaI)

We successfully built this construct by first ligating agrC-plnB into pBluescript SK (+) and then inserting mCherry after agrC-plnB into the same plasmid. Both steps were confirmed by enzyme digestion. The final construct was further confirmed using DNA sequencing. In addition, after we transformed this plasmid into E.coli, colonies on the plate showed red florescence under UV light. Since the red color is made by the florescence protein mCherry, it suggests that out construct was successfully built and expressed in E.coli.

Construction of AIP Receptor for Functionality Test

A. P32 promoter (SacI)-[RBS]-agrC-(KpnI)
B. P32 promoter (SacI)-[RBS]-agrC-plnB-(KpnI)

1. The chimeric receptor agrC-plnB was successfully constructed through PCR.
2. The two different receptor genes agrC and agrC-plnB that we got through PCR were cloned into plasmid pBluescript KS (+) successfully. The figure below shows the gel electrophoresis picture after enzyme digestion confirmation of the ligation product. It was further confirmed by DNA sequencing test.

3.agrC and agrC-plnB were transferred from pBluescript KS (+) to our shuttle vector pMG36e by cutting the two genes out of pBluescript and then ligating them into pMG36e respectively. FIG 2 and FIG 3 show the picture of gel electrophoresis after enzyme digestion of the two constructs. And they were finally confirmed by DNA sequencing tests.

C. (EcoRI)(XbaI)-plnA promoter-[RBS]-(XmaI/SmaI)-gusA-(NotI)(EcoRI)- P32 promoter

1. The forward primer (79bp) and the reverse primer (73bp) of plnA promoter were annealed and extended at 72℃. Products were checked by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Semi-log graph was plotted to calculate the size of plnA promoter which was 10bp longer than expected.
2. gusA was amplified by PCR with PBI121 as the template. But ligation of gusA into pBluescript KS (+) was failed despite several trials.

Construction of RIP Production Cassette

A. P32 promoter [RBS]-DD13-RIP
B. P32 promoter [RBS]-Signal peptide+DD13-RIP

We have successfully cloned these two constructs into pBluescript SK (+) and confirmed them by enzyme digestion and DNA sequencing test.

Construction for Secretion Test of Hybrid Inhibiting Peptides

A.P32 promoter [RBS]-flag tag+DD13-RIP

1. We successfully cloned Flag-tag+DD13-RIP into pBluescript SK (+) and confirmed them by enzyme digestion and DNA sequencing test.
2. We have inserted [RBS]Flag-tag into pMG36e and confirmed by enzyme digestion and DNA sequencing.