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Information Standard

Information standards are required to save information in such a way that it is easily readable. In other industries we already see a lot of standardized documents. Take for example electrical chips where every chip is documented in exactly the same manner or the internet standards from the Internet Engineering Task Force.

At this moment there does not yet exist a standard which specifies what information needs to be stored with a BioBrick part. So our team took the initiative to build an information standard for BioBrick parts.

A standard needs to be registered at a standards office. Then it will receive a number under which its content can be seen. In this case the BioBrick Foundation maintains the standards and the BioBrick Foundation standards are called BBF RFC. RFCs are Request For Comments.

Reasons to build a new standard were that the information which could be obtained from the partsregistry is in many cases very limited. This standard will try to improve the information in such a way that no contact is needed when you want to use a BioBrick part/device. However the user needs to use the standard himself to really document it the way the standard suggests.

Possibilities which will arise after such an information standard are that it will be easier to build a database because there is already a lot of information available. At the moment the information specified with parts are to inadequate to use in a database.

Click Team:Groningen/create_desc to build the information which you can use for the parts registry builded according standard BBF RFC 52

Furthermore you can click Team:Groningen/search here to search the already submitted information

[RFC 52]

Future extensions Due to the fact that this is more a general standard which allows to specify information for all the BioBrick parts, specific information for promotors, negators and other specialized BioBrick parts isn't provided in this standard. The standard can be extended very easily by requesting a new one, and replacing the relevant sections of the standard