Team:Groningen/6 September 2010


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Assembly of biobricks in pSB1C3-backbone for submission to parts registry by Maarten

Control restrictions with EcoRI and PstI on constructs:

2 µL construct
2 µL buffer O
0,5 µL EcoRI
0,5 µL PstI
15 µL MQ
Construct Expected band sizes (bp)
pSB1C3-C 2031, 848
pSB1C3-DC 2031, 872
pSB1C3-E 2031, 317
pSB1C3-H 2031, 302
pSB1C3-Sortase 2031, 689
pSB1C3-RFP 2031, 1069

The gel that was run did not show any DNA present on the gel. Experiment was continued on 8 September.

Expression experiments -David & Peter

Two expression experiments were done this week.

Continous induction of chaplins

As a follow up experiment for the last biofilm induction