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New for iGEM 2010 is the groupparts tag.

Welome to the Pichia Tool Box!!! Here you will find a selection of parts designed to facilitate your specific application of Pichia Pastoris!

Pichia pastoris has quickly gained attention as a powerful expression system in the last two decades. Researchers have successfully produced high yields of hundreds of heterologous protein from all orders of life. However, this incredible resource is yet to be tapped into by iGEM! We believe iGEM can play an enormous role in both the application and improvement of this expression system. In our tool box, we have standardized some of the most powerful, reliable and effective parts used today in P. pastoris. From these parts, the ground work is laid for teams to get a head start to optimizing their particular application. We encourage you to experiment, explore and improve this system!

Note that if you want to document a part you need to document it on the Registry, not on your team wiki.