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SynBioWave 2.0 – User Guide

Overview of SynBioWave SynBioWace 2.0 is aimed at people who work in the field of Synthetic Biology. It offers a variety of tasks and is very easy to use. In this guide we will show you step-by-step how to get access to it and how to use it.
You will learn how to get a wave account and how to turn a simple wave into a SynBioWave to collaborate with colleagues all over the globe in real time. You can dive right into it: There are almost no prerequisites to start working with SynBioWave. All you need is a web browser capable of displaying the wave properly, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari (for more information please see this link )
Another important feature of SynBioWave is the opportunity to write custom add-on robots that are easily integrated with the existing program. If you would like to know how this is done please see: Developer Guide

User Guide
a robot
In this part of the User Guide you will learn how to set up the basic SynBioWave Environment and use the basic functions, such as importing BioBricks, documentation and exporting your data.


In the second part of this user guide we will present the add on robots we already created and show you how to work with them.