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Project Description
SynBioWave is an open-source, synthetic biological software suite based on Google’s communication tool Wave ( SynBioWave is made for collaborative research comprising parts design and documentation. Moreover, biologists can record and share the process of creating research data and perform basic tasks using SynBioWave. In addition, SynBioWave is a framework for developing Google Wave extensions with a strong focus on synthetic biological functionality. In the Wave, SynBioWave can be used like a gadget. The last year’s team of Freiburg built the SynBioWave robot and implemented it on the Google Wave server. This year we are going to improve the functions and availability of this innovative software tool. We want to create robots which provide additional and improved functions such as DNA to RNA translation or blast search robots. Furthermore we want to help Google Wave becoming more famous. Please find more informations at

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