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We are a team of students consisting of 15 members. Beneath, there are 13 biology students specialized in various topics such as Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Plant Biotechnology, Immunology and of course Synthetic Biology.  Furthermore, our team has one student of physics and one student of informatics. Combining these abilities we handled the challenges associated with our project and realized it hand in hand. Over the past summer, the team of biology students worked in groups and was greatly supported by our instructors and supervisor. Each group consisted of 2-3 students and was specialized either on DNA cloning or on cell culture. These main topics were again divided into smaller ones, like for example ‘N-terminal fusion’ or ‘loop modifications’ of our virus. As our labjournal editings reached unlimited dimensions, we realized that we need further help.  Luckily our Physics and Computer sciences students reinforced our team and designed the wiki and created mathematical models.

Besides the daily laboratory work, we all spent some free time together, watching movies cooking, and having fun together. One of the funniest events was our canoe trip, sunny weather but however, wet conditionsJ For pictures see: [Link]



Kristian Müller  Kristian Müller

Sven Hagen Sven Hagen

Tobias Baumann Tobias Baumann

Student Members

Achim Mall Achim Mall

Adrian Fischer Adrian Fischer

Anissa Bender Anissa Bender

Anna Oschowitzer Anna Oschowitzer

Bea Kaufmann Bea Kaufmann

Christian Weingärtner Christian Weingärtner

Fabian Haas Fabian Haas

Hanna Wagner Hanna Wagner

Jessica Günzle Jessica Günzle

Kerstin Klingele Kerstin Klingele

Kira Meyerovich Kira Meyerovich

Max Schelker Max Schelker

Stefan Bergmann Stefan Bergmann

Volker Morath Volker Morath

Patrick Schindler Patrick Schindler

Timon Schober Timon Schober


Johannes Zang

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